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Transfer of Patients Protocol

The following protocol pertains to inter-facility transfers or general transport during your admission at MooiMed Private Hospital:

  • MooiMed Private Hospital does not have a transport system available for transporting patients to institutions not situated on the hospital terrain.
  • Patients are liable for their own transport arrangements.
  • Ambulance services can or will be arranged when needed and as per medical scheme protocol.

Discharge Protocol

The following protocol must be adhered to prior to leaving the facility of MooiMed Private Hospital:

  • Patients must arrange alternative means of transport after recovery, as no patient will be allowed to drive him/herself home after receiving general anesthesia during a theatre procedure.
  • Patients – or in case of a minor, the parent/guardian – must sign consent to discharge at the nurses bay prior to leaving the ward area.
  • Informed consent must be signed for all procedures during admission. Minor patients must be accompanied by one/both parents or the court-appointed legal guardian. In the case of a guardian, legal documentation must be supplied.
  • Please discuss taking your chronic medication with your doctor prior to your procedure.
  • Kindly bring all your current medication with you to the hospital – preferably in its original packaging.
  • Shaving of the applicable operation site must be done prior to admission according to the attending doctor’s orders.
  • No jewelry of any kind on any body area or nail varnish is allowed in the theatre. No cell phones are permitted.
  • Safekeeping of personal belongings is the patient’s own responsibility. No employee or any stakeholder at MooiMed Private Hospital will be liable for any losses or damages.
  • Dentures must be removed prior to admission in theatre unless otherwise requested by the anesthetist.
  • Only 100% cotton underwear is permitted. No Nylon underwear will be allowed. Underwear must be worn unless otherwise requested by doctor or ward personnel.
  • Theatre garments will be issued for theatre procedures. Private clothing is permitted only in the event of ophthalmic procedures which does not necessitate general anesthesia
  • Adults are not permitted any solids or liquids during the 6 hours prior to the scheduled procedure.
  • Babies are permitted clear liquids up until 4 hours prior to the procedure or as per doctor instructions.
  • All x-rays and reports available must accompany the patient to theatre for the perusal of the attending doctor – especially for orthopedic procedures.
  • Patients must arrange alternative means of transport after recovery from general anesthesia, as no patient will be allowed to drive him/herself home.
  • Consent to discharge must be signed on the patient file prior to leaving the ward area.
  • Private patients are liable to settle the full statement balance upon discharge.

Failure to comply with the listed protocol may result in cancellation or postponement of the theatre procedure.