Admission Protocol – Private Patients

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To ensure a smooth admission process, the following procedure should be adhered to:

  • Our pre-admission administrator will guide you through the admission process
  • Assistance with completion of documentation will be offered
  • Obtain a quote from our facility for accommodation and procedure related costs prior to admission
  • The hospital estimated quote does not cover doctor/surgeon, anesthetist or any laboratory or radiology costs.
  • Kindly obtain a quote for any prosthesis items directly from your surgeon
  • The full hospital estimated quote, as well as the prosthesis estimated quote will be payable upon/prior to admission as pre-payment of the estimated cost.
  • It is important to note that this quote will reflect only an estimated amount and is not an indication of the final billed amount. Any variables will be added to the final billed amount for settlement by the patient/responsible person upon discharge.
  • In the event that your account exceeds the estimated quote during your stay, you may be required to make interim payments.
  • Kindly note that EFT or credit/debit card payments are preferred -avoid cash payment where possible


Remember to supply the following documentation upon pre-admission:

  • Written medical diagnosis and code [ICD-10] issued by your doctor
  • Written description of surgical procedure and code [CPT-4 or BHF] issued by your surgeon
  • Name and practice number of the doctor or specialist under whose care you will be admitted
  • Proof of identity of the patient [birth certificate or ID document]
  • Proof of identity of the parents/guardian if patient is a minor
  • All x-rays, scans, blood tests or other test results relating to the admission
  • Referral letter from doctor or specialist – if applicable

Any credit balance available to private patients will be refunded by EFT payment on month end after proof of banking details was received and validated.
Refunds will be made to the responsible person indicated on the admission documentation.